Data Products

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of finding companies and contact information that meets a specific criteria. The data is used to generate interest in your company’s product or service and make sales, or to gather information for other analytical purposes. Some examples include: job applications, blog posts, company lists, lists of service providers, etc.

Ripple Software has developed proprietary lead generation software. You let us know what type of information you are looking for, and let us do the rest. If you want a list of all the gas stations in New York City, every camping ground and RV park in America, or a list of contacts and email addresses for every toy store on the planet, we can provide highly accurate data curations to help you grow your business, research project, or idea.

Data Conversion

We can convert your data between sources including: CSV/TSV, JSON, PDF, XML, Relational database, and any other type of data file such as legal documents. Below are some examples of data conversions that we can do:

Data Analytic

We can also provide detailed content analytics and statistical analysis for your data.

Please contact us to discuss the specific project requirements.