Education Software

Education technology is proving to be disruptive to the education industry. New technologies continue to provide increased convenience and accessibility over a traditional classroom model.  But there are other benefits as well.  Why should your education be limited by geographic location?  If the best teacher for you lives on the other side of the world, technology can help connect you with them. Why should teachers waste time correcting student homework that can be easily checked by a software application?  That same software can also aggregate key information about a student’s performance and a good teacher can then spend their time more effectively delivering support to students in the specific areas they need help in.

Elaan English is a designed to provide an online bridge between teachers, content, and students.  Please take a moment to visit the site and check it out for yourself.  Ripple software can port Elaan English to a any type of academic subject and develop the features that will suit your organization’s needs.

  • Reduce the overhead time of teacher marking lessons so more time can be spent their time on creating quality content or other job functions
  • Maintain robust records of student performance so teachers assess student strengths and weaknesses better
  • Gamification of learning as incentive for students to enjoy learning
  • Provide visual data analytics to students to track their learning
  • Identify student weaknesses and provide appropriate study direction for students
  • Maintain cloud backups up teachers’ content in a secure and convenient

The features of Elaan include:

  • User accounts with configurable registration policy such as being public or limited to a managed list of users
  • Students can search for teachers with specific skills
  • Includes a web-interface for teachers to create lessons for students that include videos, several types of questions, pdf files, images, and audio files, and different question types
  • Allows students to complete lessons and get the results, immediately, and receive awards based on their performance
  • Teachers can see the performance of the students and contact them
  • Students can keep track of their performance and book tutoring sessions with Teachers
  • Includes all basic website features such as contact page, information pages, use profiles, social logins, and more

Go to Live

The power of Elaan lies in its analytical back-end. Teachers should not not waste time correcting piles of their student’s work while only relying on their own analytical abilities to keep track of every student’s weaknesses.  Elaan provides support to teachers by marking student’s work, and automatically providing hints to students in real-time, while also providing teachers with an analytical of each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and also an overall perspective on class performance.  Customization gives teachers the opportunity to see which areas particular students are struggling with, and direct their time towards one-on-one attention to assist students in those particular areas.

At the same time, Elaan provides students with gamification to keep them motivated such as rewards, peer competition, and self-survey of their own learning progress.  Not only does this provide a fun form of motivation, but it also teaches students to be responsible for their own learning.

A customizable full-stack education platform

Elaan’s beautiful css / php baseline UI design is highly customizable for any school.  This allows Elaan to be branded and adopted into any classroom.  The technology will attract new students in the classroom by making your education system more attractive and modern.