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Education technology is already disruptive. New technology is always penetrating into the classroom and taking learning to the next level. Elaan is a designed to provide a portal between teachers, content, and students.

Teachers can create lesson content and full courses, while students can access that content from anywhere on desktop and mobile devices. iOS and Android OS applications are coming spring 2018.

The power of Elaan is its analytical prowess. Because teachers cannot not waste time correcting piles of student work, Elaan does that part for you. Among the benefits of allowing a system to do the work includes detailed analytics provided to teachers. Customizable at its core, Elaan gives teachers the opportunity to see which areas particular students are struggling with, and offer one-on-one attention to rectify those areas. At the same time, Elaan provides students with a variety of options to keep them motivated such as rewards, peer competition, and self-survey of their own learning progress.

A customizable full-stack education platform

Our beautiful css / php design is highly customizable for your school to adopt the technology into your classroom experience and business model. The technology will attract new students in the classroom by increasing
your presence outside the classroom and making extra content available to students/clients.