About Me

My career in computer IT has been diverse and passionate.  I love data (data conversion, database optimization, data analysis, and statistical analysis) and software (web-application mostly, but also native, mobile, and scripting), but I’m most passionate about security (OS/Server hardening, password security, encryption, secure tunnels).  This passion in IT security has lead to becoming a certified IT security professional.

I have also achieved an MBA from National Chung-Hsing Unviersity in Taichung, and continue to pursue the subject of patent information management for technology and market forecasting.  I’m also attempting to build a company that provides a robust ESL learning platform called ELAAN, and working in IT.

I have been crashing & fixing computers since the late 80’s when my parents got me my first computer; an IBM PS/2. In high school I spent several years assembling and selling personal computers. I attended University of Guelph to study computer Engineering, and University of Saskatchewan to study anthropology (with some focus on the culture of technology).

My CV is available for download below here.