Building a crypto-currency POS with an API.

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I’ve recently been working on a project to create a crypto-currency wallet and API for POS transactions. I won’t tell you which crypto-currency I’m working on publicly, but if you want to hire me for helping you to create a POS system, blockchain parser, or API. Please let me know.

First off, I had to choose between two packages: Node.js driven bitcoin-insight-api, and python scripted bitcoin-abe. Both are available on GitHub.

Although it seems that node.js is increasing in popularity everyday, and python is looked down on by some for it’s high-level syntax, I eventually decided to use bitcoin-abe for the time being with hopes of eventually modifying the insight app. My reasoning is as follows: insight is dependant on bitcore.js. Right now there is not much documentation out there on modifying bitcore to work with alt-coins. There docmentation even advises that the package is still in development stage and not really ready for commercial use. On the other hand, with a few modifications, bitcoin-abe was up and running out of the box. It parsed the (small) blockchain in a few hours and packed it into postgresql database. The server came up right away and the API was ready to deploy in a matter of a few hours.

The final part of this project involves modifying the API to add some missing feature sets such as collecting the unspent outputs, and spitting out a nice JSON for the browser-wallet.

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