Python BlackJack

Here is the next instalment of the python assignments from the “Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python” course: The game’s feature set is small and basic. For example, there is no insurance, doubling down, splitting hand, or bet adjustment. However, the concepts developed in this assignments in include tiled imaging, and more sophisticated use of lists. BlackJack: Again, you have to click on the PLAY button on the top left-hand corner (shown below).

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Try a game of memory to exercise your bain

It’s important to keep your brain fresh and running in tip top condition. On the other hand, leisure helps our brain relax, flush critical chemicals and perform hard-disk-utility-like maintenance on our memory systems. I’ve heard that the flash card game ‘memory‘ is a good way to sharpen your mind and it can be a little fun. If you want, try out this version of memory that I recently programmed in a massive open online course (MOOC): When you get to this page, you have to click on the play button located in the top left-hand corner, which looks like this:

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