CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-001 & PT0-002 Study Notes

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If you are studying for CompTIA Pentest+ you are welcome to download and use these following notes which I built while studying for the exam. If you notice any problems with the notes, please let me know!


CompTIA Pentest+ General PentestingGeneral Pentesting
CompTIA Pentest+ Engagement ScopingEngagement Scoping
CompTIA Pentest+ Information GatheringInformation Gathering
CompTia Security+ Risk ManagementVulnerability Scanning
CompTIA Pentest+ Exploitation ProcessExploitation Process
CompTIA Pentest+ Pentest ToolsPentest Tools
CompTIA Pentest+ Exploit SpecificsExploit Specifics
CompTIA Pentest+ Risk ManagementPost Exploit
CompTia Security+ Risk ManagementCommunication Processes

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