Lenovo is Topping the PC Pile

Lenovo is the world’s #2 PC maker and today they announced that they hit better then expected earnings in their 2012 Q2 SEC filing. Lenovo’s profit is up 30% and that’s a good sign although further slowdown in the PC, and consumer tech market is expected.


Of course the political rise of China is a hot topic these days and has a great impact globalization, technology, and the future. As China develops it’s technological ability, it seeks to also climb the ladder in terms of value, innovation, and global branding. China’s new strategy will be to take the knowledge, products, and technology the western companies have deposited in China and innovate those products, re-brand those products with Chinese companies, and enter the global market not only as a manufacturer, but also as a designer and seller of tech products. You can see this happening quite clearly now with Lenovo and Huawei in the consumer and enterprise markets respectively, not to mention the hurricane of other companies on the rise.

In Taiwan, ACER has nearly dropped off the face of the planet in the past year, and their stock has fallen off a cliff. This is due to poor management decisions, changing CEO, and lack of ability to find a consensus on the future of the company. Before leaving Lanci piled up a mountain of large acquisitions including Gateway, Packard Bell, and E-machines. It looked like the Taiwanese company’s strategy was going to also follow the regional trend; OEM turned global-brand. However things have not been so rosy for Acer and the strategy currently remains unresolved.

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