USPTO Data Services

Patent Data Overview

Patent data from the USPTO data can help an organization gain contextual insight and unlock the true value of R&D efforts, evaluate competitor companies, and forecast the technology landscape. Ripple Software offers SaaS access via remote database access to complete U.S. patent coverage from 1976 for granted patents and 2001 for patent applications, as well as current Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) data.

This can be compiled as bibliographic (front-page) data or full-text data for natural language processing abstracts, descriptions, and claims.  USPTO bulk-data has been verified with 99.9% complete accuracy and USPTO API products or European Patent Office (EPO) Open Patent Service (OPS), and can be integrated to meet any needs.

Databases are available for MySQL or PostgreSQL, and you can read from the bulk-datasets using any compatible local database client, or access data by API or web-interface. The Restful API allows passing values as parameters to return any statistical algorithms.

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