Red Monk identifies hottest programming languages using GitHub

The most important programming languages is a concern. If you want to identify trends in web-app programming, web-stack, or even mobile, back-end etc., you need to forecast changes. This can allow you to make intelligent changes in selecting which language to apply to your projects.

Here in January 2014 Red Monk uses GitHub repos to identify the most important languages out there right now. I’m sorry I didn’t see this until 2014 is almost over, however I believe it’s still relevant in 2015. Here is a quote from the Red Monk article itself:

<quote>" While the appetite for up to date numbers is strong, the truth is that historically changes from snapshot to snapshot have been minimal. This is in part the justification for the shift from quarterly to bi-annual rankings. Although we snapshot the data approximately monthly, there is little perceived benefit to cranking out essentially the same numbers month after month."</quote>

The main problem with Red Monk’s strategy is that it seems to simply count repos. That could explain why Java and Javascript are at the top of the list. Not to say these are not important languages, but Javascript is known for having small and precise packages that are designed to to small specific tasks. Hence, there would be more packages on GitHub to reflect this nature in the paradigm of Javascript packaging. Anyhow here is the article.

Link to the article:

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