USPC to CPC Statistical Concordance Table

NOTE: The USPC to CPC concordance pages mentioned in the original post are not available via the USPTO website anymore. So, I have posted the CSV of the concordance below.

You can download the CSV here:


The USPC to CPC statistical concordance table is available on the USPTO website:
The only problem is that it’s nearly impossible to download all the tables because they are all on separate pages. Here is a web-scraping python script to download all the tables for all USPC and create a CSV file. The script is available here and requires the BeautifulSoup library:
The parsed CSV file is available here:
The CSV includes the first 5 related CPC codes as columns and can be opened in excel or imported into a database.

4 Comments on USPC to CPC Statistical Concordance Table

  1. Script needs modification because it skips pages with uspc codes<100 (as pages for these codes have leading 0s in URLs)

  2. Looks like replaceing “str(i)” with “str(i).zfill(3)” in line 10 corrects it

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