Custom WordPress Development

A Custom WordPress website can be a great tool to start your business. In-fact, this site is build with WordPress. However even if you already have a website, WordPress can be integrated into your existing site. WordPress dominates the internet and is the post popular content management system on the web today. The plugins available for WordPress allow you to put your products and related information on display for potential customer and drive traffic to communicate with your business any way your like, or sell your products online without even seeing or speaking with customers.

Secure your WordPress Site

Security first. WordPress is not a secure installation out-of-the-box, and this can leave your website and all the data associated with at risk, and your customers unable to access your website if you do not secure it properly.

Some of the other most important security related issues include:

  1. Prevent hackers from trying to find your login password
    • Install a login brute-force limit plugin
    • Install a comprehensive security plugin such as WordFence to monitor break in attempts
    • Limit access to the xmlrpc.php file
    • Use a 3rd factor authentication agent
  2. Prevent hackers from taking advantage up old WordPress versions and plugins
    • Do updates to the main WordPress software often
    • Do updates to all your plugins and themes often
    • Uninstall plugins and themes that you are not using
  3. Prevent hackers from taking down your with with a “denial-of-service” attack
    • Establish a hardened security baseline for your web-server
    • Do updates to your web-server operating system
    • Configure your firewall to prevent some DOS attacks such as slow-loris, SYN flooding, ICMP flooding, etc.
    • Uninstall any additional server services that are not needed such as mail-severs, or remote database access applications
    • Install a comprehensive security plugin such as WordFence to throttle malicious attempts to clog your bandwidth thus reducing the server performance for preventing legitimate users
  4. Actively scan your site for vulnerabilities
    • Actively scan your site to make sure that you are not susceptible to new vulnerabilities in WordPress application or any of the plugins your site uses
    • If your users are uploading content to your site, you should scan the uploaded files for viruses
  5. Prevent system / private files from being found
    • Configure your web-server with a secure baseline to prevent any system files from being available to hackers
    • Configure your server to avoid returning error information to hackers that may provide some information they can use to hack your site
  6. Securely storing your users data in compliance with new data handling laws in your region
    • Notify visitors to your site that your website uses cookies if your local laws dictacte that you must
  7. Ensure your payment processing is handled securely
    • Ensure that TLS certificates are installed to encrypt payment information between your customers and the server that processes the payment
    • Find a balance in your payment processing security configuration that prevents fraudulent payments from being processed through your website, while not causing inconvenience to your customers
    • Use strong encryption schemes that ensure perfect forward secrecy
    • Prevent downgrade attacks with a secure server configuration

Integrate a WordPress Blog Into your Existing Website

WordPress is highly-customization and user-friendly way to communicate with your customers or clients. It allows anyone to publish content such as informative articles, products and product descriptions, tutorial video, music, and images quickly and easily. Also, if your business already has an existing website, we here at Ripple Software can integrate a WordPress blog in to your site with a customized style that complements your existing website.

WordPress Hosting

Ripple Software also offers the total package of website design, security, and serving. This is commonly known as “managed hosting”. Our scalable solutions include contacts with up-time guarantees which allow you to know your costs in advance.